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Welcome to the world of Heatkeeper. Functional, high-quality accessories for an active outdoor lifestyle. Designed by our in-house team of stylists based on the core philosophy that all items should be comfortable, warm and functional. Also in extreme conditions. Do you like working or exercising outdoors? Then Heatkeeper products are just what you need!

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Explore our large collection of fashion accessories and functional underwear. We offer a dynamic range of fashionable and functional items. All products offer good thermal insulation, are comfortable to wear, and are made from high quality materials.

All Heatkeeper products have a high TOG value (thermal insulation value). They keep you warm and dry, because they regulate your body temperature. Heatkeepers are specifically designed to guarantee optimal comfort at all times. They boast refined patterns, reinforced inserts and high-quality materials, including fleece, wool and 3M Thinsulate coating.

Where to buy Heatkeepers

You can buy Heatkeeper products from a range of retailers and online stores, including from the chains below.